Needing help asap

Please help…what im a doing wrong…


Looks over watering to me.


I would put it in bigger pot it would help it alot

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Lets start a diagnosis ok?
What strain, how old, what light, distance from top of plant, time on/off, What medium are you growing in (be specific - if living soil, partial living, coco, peat, home made, etc., Watering - how do you water, how often, how much, do you add nutrients, do you check ph level,
What I see - some red / purple in the stems/veins…could be strain, could be stress (hot/cols), could be nutrition
Sagging leaves - usually a sign of overwater but hot / cold snap could do it as well as Ph or excessive nutrients. How fast did it occur and was there an event that preceded it
I do not see any flowering so I assume it is a photo period plant, 4-5 weeks into veg. Indica hybrid
I do not see nutrient burn on the tips, good color, good interspacial noding. Could just be a result of stress or overwatering as stated earlier


Its in a 5 gallon pot so should I put in a bigger them that

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:eyes: With two others? Haha! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Unhelpful of me, I know.

For indoor, 5 gal is plenty good/ The decision for size of container is derived from: Size of tent, strain of the grow, amount of plants and the Light/s
I use 3 gal for auto, 5 gal for photo. Outdoors is different. I use 40-50L (10-13 gal)

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Hello michneal2014. Looks like a couple of issues, just from the one photo. First thing I see is puffy clawed/droopy leaves. I’d say over watering, but do you have proper drainage in your bucket(GOOD DRAINAGE is a MUST? Next I see purplish magenta colored stems on those leaves coupled with twisting distorting of the leaves. Now, this could be partially genetics; but in my opinion it’s a magnesium deficiency. Also, I’ve heard and have experienced myself that LED’s can cause magnesium deficiencies. Let the soil dry out good before watering again. Next to start correcting the magnesium issue, I’d get some cal/mag or epsom salt and start doing a foliar spray this way the plant can start it’s healing process. I hope this helps, God bless :100::fire:


Looks to me your over watering, you should water your plants by there weight you can tell the diff between a freshly watered plant and one that needs water much lighter.

Sorry let ur plant dry out good and check ph just to make shure it’s staight.

It looks like it could be over watered but there are so many things that go into growing . 1st and foremost is your PH level !! you have to make sure your ph is right or else you will lock out your nutrients, this will cause your plants not to use water amongst many other things. Never use ph up or ph down at the same time . If you get it too high or too low you have to take water out and add fresh water . Also if you are fertilizing the fertilizer will always drop your ph so be sure to add it first and test after before you add anything else . You also need proper circulation make sure you have fans going and it would be a good idea to check the humidity and temp ( obviously) . Never let it sit in the water make sure it has proper drainage and that you feel the weight of the bucket before you water. Looks can be deceiving. it might look dry but the weight will tell you for sure and it’s better to underwater than over . Growing isn’t exactly easy it’s a lot of trial and error but as will everything practice is key . You’ll get !

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So, you got an update for us and some more pics please and thank you :sunglasses::100: