Need to save a seedling

Got a little “Early Miss” seedling that is a little more than a week out of sprout and she took a dive this morning. 2nd watering since sprouting and she was drooping slightly prior to watering but has gone extreme throughout the day. Her sis is just fine. Thoughts? They’re in happy frog soil and getting nothing but water so far. Light is the 18/6 and about 24” up. Day temp and Rh is 79/50.

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Aww. You seem to get the Fae babies, huh? Crop circles!!! Mushrooms.

I’ve yet to grow White Widow, @MDBuds, @Mrb53004 , @MJ2299 , @CkNugz and you know more than me. She seems to like pink.

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@HippiePa I’d suggest a dome for the small seedling and start misting it daily instead of watering so the roots can dry out and search for water. It looks over watered and dehydrated at the same time. That shows me the roots might be drowning and need more oxygen and that the humidity is too low.

So yeah, dome and mist until she bounces back and then water as normal once she appears healthy. By water as normal I mean cycle wet to dry and focus on the outside around the edges of the leaves to send the roots out.

Once the edges of the leaves reach the sides of the container you can start saturating the whole container and cycling wet to dry.


Thanks man. Ya, I’ve been watering with a spray wand circling the plant and staying away from her. I’ll put her under a dome and bump up humidity.


@HippiePa seedlings do best in my experience between 65-70% rh. You can go as high as 80% but if it goes over take the dome off and air it out. If it drops under 60% give it a light spritz. Happy growing man. :metal::call_me_hand::v: