Need some advice

Since retiredoldguy was my go to man and he is gone,

would someone else adopt me?? This is my first auto grow. Would someone take a look at my leaves and tell me what ya think. White widow 4th week.mars 600w 2x2 box.

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Did I do something wrong ? :confused: Peeps here usually help ya out in a few hours. ‽‽???

Sorry, I have only done DWC a few times. And mostly on basil, strawberry and cilantro. I am not confident on any advise from personal experience.

I would say at a glance you need some more nitrogen. I would foliar feed ammonia or milk. The veining under the general light green (needs n) appearance is probably calcium or magnesium deficiency if I had to treat it as mine. Maybe some epsomes salt to the reservoir. The calcium could be foliar fed w the milk to keep the ingredients out of the res. That’s what I would do.

You can find him on ILGM, I have chatted w him and Currdogg both there. That place is like a freeway in the big city. The traffic there is mind boggling. I don’t know quite where to pull out into threads. Otherwise it’s formatted exactly the same as this forum.

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When is the last time you’ve changed your res water?, maybe change water, drop pH to optimal range for aquaponics, trim off dead/dying growth.

Has been recent on the change. Like noddykitty said think I’ll up my cal mag first

All I can do for the pH is make it yellow. haha

@Rusty increase your calcium and magnesium. You also need to up your potassium a bit.



What happened to retiredoldguy?

@jjress he got into it with someone and got silent and we haven’t heard from him

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I don’t know sorry…

Thanks my friend…

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I have always used calmag but I will Up it… Is there a quick quick fix for or my potassium potassium. Not much in that area here in Mississippi

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@Rusty foliar feed with some liquid kelp and molasses. Even some aloe vera water if you can find or make it.

@Daddy1971 oh alright nothing to crazy so that’s good.

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Sorry @jjress i told you wrong @retiredoldguy he stop getting on here because of what happened to @CurrDogg420 he the one they kicked off here over bullshit


Put cal mag to them and the claw turned loose. Jumped 2 in. in just 2 days. Much thanks

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Can you give me a brand name or what to look for if I am needing potassium?? ( for my hydro system)

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@Rusty what brand are you currently using? It’s likely you just need to increase your feed.

As far as brands I would suggest I only grow organic these days and there are only three brands I know of that are (and have used) good for dwc hydro. FOOP, General Organics, and Earth Juice. Blue Planet looks like it might be a good line to check out too but I haven’t ever used them yet.

As far as chemical salt nutrients I haven’t used a lot of them aside from advanced nutrients and general hydroponics.

I use General Hydrophonics flora group with cal mag and a Terpinator.

@Rusty general hydroponics is a decent brand with plenty of available nutrients. Just need to increase your feed a bit with them for that extra potassium.

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