Need some advice for my first plants indoor

Hey guys, so i am starting to grow my own plants indoors in Brazil (it is still illegal here), i need a strong Indica to help me sleep, but i am a noob and need help in many fronts.

Here are some pictures of my current setup, so far things are looking good and i have some more seeds i can use to try again in case things go south, my main questions so far are:

  • How many plants can this tent hold (40x40cm / 15x15in)?
  • What is the watering schedule i should use?
  • Is Biobizz Trypack Basic a good starting point for fertilizers? That is the one i got right now.

My main challenge is that i have limited space and i need to use it the best i can, so my plan is to fit as many plants as possible in the first attempt so they get to a stage where i can find the females even if it gets a bit crowded, and then fit as many females as possible in that space discarding the males, i am thinking maybe two plants tops?

The current pot size you see in the pictures is 1 liter (0.2 gal), i have just moved the jiffy pallets into those pots yesterday and it looks like they need more water this morning, the soil is a bit dry but i don’t want to over do it.

Do you guys think i have a good plan here? I appreciate any advice i can get to make this work.



Feel like a tent that size you would be better off growing one big plant. Veg it out a little longer then flip.


I wonder how many grams (after drying) i would be able to harvest from a single plant and how often, do you have any ideas?

One plant may be easier to manage and may be sufficient for my case.

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Too many variables to really know. Auto flowers are your best bet for fast turnaround but a big photo would yield well too!

Yep makes sense, unfortunately i cannot chose which seeds to buy here, i just found these seeds in the middle of some LA Confidential bag, so all i know is the strain (hopefully it really is the strain this guy sold me…)

Just in general though, ballpark, 1 plants usually yields from 1g to 10g per harvest or like 10g to 30g per harvest? I really have zero idea, it could be 100g for all i know LOL

lol. One gram would be really bad. Probably closer to 1 ounce

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Hahaha, cool. Are we talking something around 1 ounce every which time period? 3 months?

EDIT: Damn i have just read somewhere that a plant will only live thru 4 harvests tops, i need a plan to get more seeds eventually…

well if you have regular seeds then down pull the males and you will have hundreds

This plan interests me since i will need more seeds. I would have to sacrifice a crop in order to do that though, right? Putting a male next to a female will produce seeds but not produce flowers?

I think seedman seeds will deliver to brazil

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Thanks, checking now. I would need “stealth” delivery options though. I will do some research and see what i can find because it would be much easier for me to just buy seeds due to my limited growing space.

Google seed banks in Latin America. I’ve brought from South America the Country slips my mind: they have seeds that are grown tropically also. Go with 1 plant once you have sex them. My opinion

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I think this will be the best approach for me, after how many days from seed am i able to identify their sex? I fear leaving all 4 of them together for too long will be too crowded for them, no? Need to remove the males asap.

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Usually around 5 weeks they show sex, look to the 5th node i’ve heard

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Bubbacheesecake shiskaberrykish good indica seedsmanSeeds

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