Need help with my babies

The first 4 seeds I germinated, 2 never came up. The other 2
sprouted and had messed up leaves. The next 4 is here in this pic. Never had any problems before with germination before. Just 2 plates and a paper towel. Dark and cool. . Reckon I could get seeds to replace these that are messed up. Grape Ape feminized are my seeds.Roots grow but plants didn’t. These are 7 days up.! Just wonder if these were just somehow bad seeds?16400126693665543383870610803039|375x500

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I’ve never had any problems with grape ape fem seeds you want to start them in paper towel dark warm place not cool @Rusty and when they sprout what medium are you using when they sprout

Just water. I grow in a resivour. Never had any problem before.?? (I might have been participating in some cannabis Recreation).Joking aside, the messed up leaves says something.

I’ve had plants do that i would still try grow them the to on bottom looks pretty good looks like genetics problem

I’ve lost five seeds to all of this. Reckon they would replace them?

One of the plant now has two round leaves followed by two funny-looking Jagged leaves and then one round Leaf coming out. I’m going to let it go and see what happens. Maybe it will grow a stalk and take me into the clouds

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If you germinate the way they suggested they might replace them

@Rusty if it was me are you able to go organic you would love the way them plants love it . it’s awesome

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I agree just let her go and see what she becomes…my last 2 orders of seeds did not do well for me

That is something to ponder.

I’ve grown a grape ape last winter its leaves had flaw in the leaves it went all the way through the plant i ended up with 6oz. from that plant and it was all purple

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I am germinating three more which will be a total of 8 if two of these three do well that will be four out of nine I think.

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Here’s a picture of one grape ape fem that I harvested awhile back

works really well for pain


damn that’s a juicy looking cola…nice one

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Impressive bud :slight_smile: Hope mine do well.

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That is so awesome. I love purple

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That’s for the compliment my friends happy growing

Kinda deformed.arnt.they let them.grow see.if they get through. This should