Need help with a drip system

Need help with my drip system setting up. I have 21 plants in flower with a 1/2 hp MONDIPUMP Sump Pump. I don’t know if I should have a continuous square so it tries to get equal flow. Any input would be much appreciated. It’s not letting me upload my video so could you please check out my IG page And give me some advice.



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you did not say if it is an AUTO drip system and how many of the watering spigots will be used

Sorry yes I have a 1/2 hp MONDIPUMP Sump Pump with a 55 gal burm with 21 plants in flower and going away for 10 day

do you have a manifold? Or are you thinking to run a single line with drop offs…You gotta be more explicit

Sorry I never did automated before. Yes single line with Spaghetti lines coming off of flex hose off of 1" PVC

Thanks for working with me Mike !!

if you are at least 30gpm and are using 1-3 gpm emitters, you will be ok as long as you do not get a clog. 10 days is enough for algae, mold to clog a line. What diameter are the emitter lines…1/8?

Shit I didn’t think of mold or algae. Ughh… yes they are 1/8

Invite @MDBuds for a comment. He knows how to add copper / something / to lessen, prevent algae / slime / sludge and probably better at a solution for watering. I assume it is going to be plain water?? Make sure none of the lines are clear or white…Preferably GREEN tubes (will filter the spectrum that will keep growth down) or black. Someone will have to check for leaks / failure.
How big are the containers? What are the plants and how old are they? What stage of development are they in?

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I wasn’t sure if I should add nutrients. I’m using Flora Fex? I’m using PVC to black Flex hosing. Plants are in 3gal . At the timwni leav they will be in week 6 of flower 🤦🏽 bad timing haha.

@Mr.C.Growin4B to prevent algae while you’re gone 1 copper penny per gallon (pre 1982 penny) or a piece of copper pipe weighing roughly 2.5 grams per gallon of water (a copper penny weighs 2.5 grams).

Another thing that works great as a preventative is 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon. It prevents algae growth, will kill anaerobic pathogens, and it also has some micro nutrients in it but not enough to really effect your nutrient system or feeding schedules. Just double check your ph before you leave and make sure your pump and air stones are in tip top shape to keep ph under control.

Do you have your watering system temperature regulated? Water temp regulators help a lot keeping ph and other issues under control as well especially if you need an automated system that can handle days or weeks at a time without maintenance.

Damn thats so great advice!! I appreciate that. I don’t have a watering system temperature regulated. Also I have my dehumidifier draining it the the same 55 gal drum. What is your input on that?

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@Mr.C.Growin4B do you have a self sterilizing/cleaning dehumidifier? If so that’s not an issue. The self cleaning ones have built in uvb/uvc led diodes that will turn on here and there killing everything on the condensers.

If not you need to make sure to clean your dehumidifier very well before you leave. Dehumidifiers can pull mold, fungus, and dirt out of the air and it sticks to the condensers contaminating the waste water. That same waste water you have draining into your drum. So make sure you clean it very well before you leave. It shouldn’t be an issue if you do.

House of hydro has a UV sterilizer you can drop in your sump, I think it’s around 30$. Typically used for large humidifiers.

As @MDBuds posted will work as well.

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Sweet…!!! Thanks a lot. All you guys are awesome on this site :clap: