Need help strange growth on autos

I have black jack autos . There at 8 and half weeks I think they’ve gone Hermie trying to upload pics The 2nd Dary branch’s are weak and can’t even hold themselves up There 36 inches still stretching at 8 weeks something definitely wrong I’m just about to toss them but thought I’d get a second opinion I don’t think there worth messing with Any input is appreciated

Hi,welcome ! I’m a newbie grower too , especially w/ Auto’s .Your def. in the right place though . I had sooooo many question’s I for sure thought people were tired of me , lol ! but they got me thru my 1st grow ( that was a success ,all my others failed due to my lack of knowledge ) anyhow welcome !

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The brainiacs will be along shortly. A pic or two in natural or at least not purple light will help them.

Doesn’t look like you have much bud production at all, where did you get the seeds and are you sure they are autoflower? 8 weeks I already have some good bud development going on is why I am wondering.

Looks like the beginnings of new little female flowers on that stem!

I got the seeds from homegrown had problems with all of them I have a 2by2 by 4 ft tent and had to chops couple they’re so tall and no signs of bud i have 3 still growing and hopefully they’ll bus I’m not a beginner and I’ve never seen anything like this