Need help identifying

I had purchased 8 NYC diesel seeds 7 of them looked the same type but 1was totally different here are some pics. Could someone please tell me what this is

the Plant had no traditional cannibis leaves and it produced some seeds I have just never seen this type of plant and don’t know what to do with it thanks in advance for everyone’s input.

If I had to guess this is a ruderalis plant, or an extremely stressed plant. I have had one grow like this and it was one of 3 but it was also an autoflower. Here

if you look in the back right of the picture you can see her. Foxtailed like crazy, only showing 3 leaves no more…

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The Plant was over 6ft tall everything I just read claims that the ruderalis plants tend to be short and stocky do they grow that tall as I have never heard of them prior to your reply. Was going to dry sift it but now I don’t think I even want to spend the time

Yeah it is funny because that smoke was actually really good, I gave most of it away and didn’t trim etc. if anything great for pressing or making edibles…no such thing as a wasted crop in this house.