Need help getting plants taller

Im having trouble getting plants taller than a foot to a foot and a quarter. Does anyone have any idea os the light does it need to be far away for the plant to struggle to reach it. Idk but could use some help if anyone gots any tips in mind or trick there in foxfarm ocean forest in 3 gallon pots and 5 gallon pots and feeding them G.H. nutes and under a carson technology high yield hypernova640 watt light in a 5×5 grow tent… Any help would be thankful guys…

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Well this is an interesting one. And its gonna be tough to answer without more information. And if its possible a pic or 3 of your grow area.

What strains are you growing? Temps/humidity, both day and night? How far from your plants is your light? What’s your feeding schedule like? What light cycle are you on, 18/6, 12/12, 20/4?

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and what light/s are you using…If you currently have a light that is HEAVY in the blue spectrum (like burples), that can stunt growth…Most burples rely on the BLUE/RED spectrum but you need the green and yellow, in addition to proper rh and temps, along with STRAIN (Indica grows shorter, Sativa taller, auto flowers even shorter)
Let @Rye know what your environment is and Off we GO…Welcome to the site


I think its your light. When you read the information on their website it states it’s for article farming, as in you need to get it close to your plants, because it’s designed to grow on stacked shelving racks.

The ppfd chart says it should be as close a s 6 in during flower and 12 inches for vegetation.


Hey John welcome to the group .videos on YouTube for your type light and proper distance I had this problem also no one video out of 100 really give me the answer I wanted but I messed with it a little bit up and down i myself found my light works well at about 36 inches for veg about 24 inches for flower that works well for me .if u keep the light to close it’s not going to stretch it’s just going to make your plant wide I use this method in the beginning with fluorescent t8 grow bulbs because they don’t get hot at all literally maybe 2 inches for the first week or two then I move into the tent I even do this with autos I use pellets then switch to solo cup size pots then into bucket in tent I know they say not to with autos but I’ve never been one to listen anyway and I have awesome results !

Wow hope that never happens when I’m sending pictures of those disconnects to work I don’t know if anyone seen that sorry

I will try this again Ryes right though I have friends with lights they have to keep that close and I feel they lack light Usually .Mag amped from cutting edge solutions It can help with this problem or spend a few extra dollars on a different light it will be worth it in the end if you spend a few extra dollars you’ll be much happier with your yield Send us a pic of light please

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