Need help diagnosing deficiency

I’m 8 weeks in with this NYC diesel Auto from HGCC and started to notice my fan leaves are becoming crazy elongated and have long skinny fingers that are yellowing from the stalk outward. I tried looking this up but can’t find anything on it. These pics are not really capturing this well even with my light all the way down but you can kind of see the yellowing in these pics and how the middle finger is elongated Any suggestions? The yellowing is much more pronounced in person.

Looks like you’ve got a problem with mildew/mold. @MDBuds @Mrb53004 @CkNugz (I don’t know who else to tag anymore) I’m good with being incorrect, viewing from my phone.

please provide a pic that captures more of the plant and not so close
all new growth has more yellow than the rest of the plant…If it turns green, no problem
Does it start at the bottom or top of is it everywhere
@kmac03 - her capture looks like WPM…you may want to consider a mold agent or a milk solution
Please ask…Mold solution cost a few bucks, milk- oh well, if in the fridge, a simple 9-1 ratio of water to milk, mist (lights off)
But if you do have mold, you need to determine how severe it is. If it gets to tunneling inside the buds, you LOOSE EVERYTHING
A milk solution is a good method but not thorough enough in my opinion
Mold solution - a nano micelle 100% organic plant based solution that cures and prevents mold (all 26 types) EVERYWHERE…plants, surfaces, tools, intake/exhaust vents, fans, etc…My CHoice…

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I don’t think it’s mold. That leaf looks nothing like that in person even under a jewelers scope. That’s glare from my iPhone refusing to get the ISO right in this tent no matter what my light is set at. She’s perfectly green with no white like in the pic above.

These pics have less “auto lighting” from Apple and look more like what I am actually seeing in person

Next time specify this a sausage party. :v:

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What do you mean? Do you see male flowers in there?

Peace be with you, Mr. Alchemist. :v::eye:

@TheAlchemistsPot looks like sulfur is leeching out not a problem just feed her with PK or preferably only water here on out if your in SS, she’s green enough nitrogen looks abundant.@kmac women’s opinions sometimes are the best.:sunglasses:

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Hahaha! Y’all are wild. :rofl: