Need advice on trichromes

Hello i have two pics here i harvested 1 plant last night but i took two pictures of the trichromes before i trimmed it just to send them Here, to make sure i took it at the right time. I have 4 more and wanna make sure there fattened up all the way. Seems as though they look done but arnt really as fat as i wanted dont know if
Its the low heat at dark time.

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Id let them get a little more milky. Just my taste though… soon as I start seeing amber I call it good. It can happen fast though.


Ok thanks i found a couple nanners im not sure is that a normal thing at the end? They were super small but i think its slowing the proccess i picked off what i saw.

Do you have pics of the ‘nanners’ ? Never had them but … a sign of stress i believe. Maybe check around for seeds? Think herming and nanners go hand and hand

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I read that when a plant is past ripeness it will make them as a last ditch effort to be able to keep itself going or something, by making them
To self pollinate. But also it could be what you say because i got the seeds from a plant that hermie from stress. I read when a female plant hermies from stress all the seeds are female… not positive tho.

If i find another i will take a picture.

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Yeah, they are a bit to underdone for my taste. I like my trics to be around 25% amber 75% milky. You’re only about 10% clear/70 milky and maybe less than 5% amber. (Unless that is your LOWEST most covered branch!) LOL Just means it will be more a CLEAR headed cerebral high, than a relaxing one.

Ok i did take that one plant but im gonna let the others go longer. I found
Another male nanner or bannana whatever there called i took a picture.

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Its about two inches down right in the middle it almost looks like more white hairs but its def a male flower.

This will be my last run with these seeds ill be making a order like real soon:)

Once you see em it’s already to late, but your late in flower so you may not get any seeds. Harvest it now so it doesn’t have time…

I had done it last run i picked them off every timei saw them i got 3.5 pounds andgot 10 seeds.

Itjust slows down like 2 weeks time before they will fatten up.

Time is money tho just made a order for some fast fem princess stinky!! Cant wait!!

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You have a great opportunity to try different harvest times I like mine to be a little more mature all milky I use trichomes, pistols and overall look of the plant/buds let her go another week you’ll see the buds fatten up the scent/taste get stronger no worries about a nanner this late just wet your fingers with water and remove it water kills pollen many are sterile anyway but if she was tossing a bunch especially if it was earlier I’d hack it down and never run it again unless you know you stressed her the last weeks of flowering typically a lighting issue light to close, a light leak etc… let’s us know how the later girl turns out

I learned a lesson the other day on when to harvest high percentage Sativa strains…I use to let my Sativas and Indicas get a little amber on the trikes…Now I just let the Indicas get a little amber…Mike,a long time grower on this sight, gave me some really good advice…Harvest a Sativa when the trikes turn milky…Don’t wait until they turn amber…I have found milky trikes on Sativas to be the best time to harvest…
Happy Grows


All seeds from hermies ARE female. You are correct.

I just made a order and got princess stinky fast version got them in about 4 days today they came!! I got free autos as well called deelite! I cant wait to get them started!!

Ill send some pics this weekend of the plants one last time im going to harvest and ill send a pic of some of the bud. Its one of my better runs indoors. Thanks for everything from all of you helping me out!! I cant wait to start my first batch from homegrown cannabis co!! Thanks for the quick mail amd freebees!! I paid with bitcoin and got a total of 16 fast fem princess stinky and 12 autos free Deelite!! I paid like 117 pretty good deal!!

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I know its not close to kyles lol but its the best ive done with seeds from ones i made, i ordered some seeds recently from here ill be starting those soon!

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