Need a new way of cooling my tent. Any suggestions?

Hey everyone,

I’m running a 2x2 tent with a Mars hydro ts1000 right now and some NYC diesel auto growing inside. I’m having the hardest time keeping my temps under control. I can keep my tent around 78 degrees during the day with my lights at 75% 20 inches from canopy ventilation fan on full speed, and all my vents open. As soon as I close a single vent I’m in the 80’s and hit over 85 last night with my lights off. My plant is showing signs of heat stress. What else can I possible do to lower the temps in this tent? Pretty soon I’m going to need to boost those lights to 100% for flowing and when it starts to smell, I can’t keep my vents open. What should I do?

Again these pics were taken with my ventilation fan on full blast and every vent open in my tent with two fans running inside for circulation.

Hi Tim, im not sure what the air temp is for your inlet to the tent, but if you can pull cooler air in either from an air conditioned space or from outdoors, also helps to run lights during evening & dark time during the hottest part of the day. you can also freeze gallon jugs of water & add them to the tent, do you know the cfm of your exhaust fan? sometimes a 4"" fan may not move enough air in warmer climates. i have the luxery of pulling air from a room with ac if needed, but im upstate ny & still pretty cool outside here.


Btw Im running the exact same light & tent set up, & your plants look great…Im growing 2 ww photo’s & 1 unknown strain, all in 5 gal bags, my tent is a little crowded, next grow in there will be in 3 gal bags hopefully some auto strains. the ts 1000 seems to work very well, but puts off more heat than i expected, but i was ready for it just in case. good luck & happy growing. :v:

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I use the FROZEN containers…I freeze 3 one gallon containers…I place frozen container in front of small fan, swap out about every 5/6 hours…I can make it through night (8-10hrs). I run Lights off during the day to help with the heat…Summer is hard…Playing jockey in and out of the tent to the garden…I am lucky to have enough stealth to grow outside…but not for much longer…Here in Vegas, Summer heat will soon be upon us. My yard is already 100°…


Milk cartons of ice in front of your air intske will help. Do you have the driver and light control outside the tent? That helps me a lot

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Thanks everyone! I was keeping my driver and dimmer outside the tent as I noticed they were generating the most heat but was still running into problems because the lighting panel still gets pretty hot for LEDs.

However, The frozen gallon jugs are helping ALOT :pray: she’s staying around 76-78, perking back up and noticed obvious growth again this morning. Very relieved.

Mike S, that’s a lot of plants for a 2x2!:open_mouth: I can barely fit this one in with all my other gear lol. I’m thinking of doing a 2-3 plant auto run my next go in 3 gallon pots as I’ve run into some over watering issues with the 5 gallon and I plan on doing a lot more soil prep next time. I am working with pure pro mix bx and it’s drainage sucks. This soil holds on to moisture FOREVER (I’m only able to water at most once a week still) But overall I’m pretty happy with how my first grow is going so far I just can’t wait until she starts to flower :rose:

Thanks again for all the help everyone :pray:. This forum is the best :seedling::seedling::green_heart:

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I have the Mars 3×3 tent and I also bought the Infinity cloudline series inline fan with a carbon filter. You can set the desired temps with that fan and it will go up and down automatically to adjust for your desired temps. With this I also have a simple small fan tied into the corner to blow across my lights. I do use a window ac in the tents room as well. With all that my Temps stay around 73 for the most part. I found that smell is not an issue with the carbon filter. The inline fan and carbon filter can be found on Amazon if you decide your interested.

Just to update on this topic…

The milk jugs ended up failing on me after the first night. I ended up putting them inside the tent with a hurricane fan blowing on them, but the temps got so hot that they only lasted a couple hours before fully melting and making a mess on my tent floor.

Turns out the 4 inch in-line fan that came with my tent kit just was not cutting it for ventilation. I upgraded to a 6 inch in-line fan, and used my 4 inch fan and ducting to create a filtered powered air intake that points straight downward and 3-4 inches above my tent floor.

I figured this should push air from the bottom of my tent to the carbon filter at the top and help create a more complete exchange of air. I am also hoping that with a new fan powered air intake and carbon filter outside my tent, if things get out of hand again I can now surround the carbon filter with frozen milk jugs and increase their efficiency. I also created another screened air intake using the rest of the 4 inch ducting on the other side of the tent just to help keep my tent’s negative pressure under control.

5 days in and it looks like everything worked perfectly. my environment is perfectly locked in between 72F-75F and 50% humidity since I found some baby buds yesterday and am now flowering :seedling::seedling::green_heart: