Nature's Living Soil - Cal Mag

Starting my first indoor grow. Have a few outdoors under my belt.
4x3 AC Infinity tent
SpiderFarmer SF4000 LED
3gal fabric pots

I am going to grow in FFOF, adding Natures Living Soil and Earth Worm Castings for the plants feeding. As you can tell, I am looking to keep this pretty organic. In reading more and more into indoor growing, I am learning that additional Cal Mag supplement is necessary, specially in such small pots.

My question is, what would be a good organic way to add cal mag? Looking to stray away from bottled supps as much as possible. I’ve considered adding dolomite lime, but also am fearful it will alter the soil PH?

Lastly, I plan on periodically feeding with compost teas using the Natures Living Soil, and top dressing as well. Is it possible this in itself will add enough additional cal mag along the way to not need to supplement anymore?

Thanks in advance!

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They have organic cal/mag on Amazon

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@DojaGrow yes the nature’s living soil tea will have calcium and magnesium in it.

If you go the lime route make a tea with lime and natural epsom salts for cal mag and pH it with molasses for pH down and liquid kelp for pH up. Sky organics and pure brands make good usp grade Epsom salts with no additives.

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Answer is yes, if your shooting for living soil the goal is to feed the soil/microbiological life., you should not have to worry about PH @ all or very little. Add a layer of compost and mulch., add HUMUS…:sunglasses: