My second grow round 2 here we go so excited

This grow is all clones where the first grow most were seedlings
10x5 tent inside a bedroom as a dedicated grow room lighting 2 Sonlipo SPC 4500 , 2 Viparspectra XS1000 , 1 Viparspectra P4000 , 2 Ipower 6 inch fans with carbon filters one intake and one exhaust also a window AC unit that’s always on bringing fresh air into the room . Growing media is Sunshine#4 Advanced . Using Advanced Nutrients line also using from extreme gardening Azos and Mykos also Orca for roots I think that’s everything …

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Looks like you have a good setup, good luck.
What are you growing?

@Shameless1963 there is Blueberry Cookies, Zkittlez,Tropicana Cookies,Pure Michigan , Lava Cake,and Orange Kush Cake