My Revegged Mac1

So here’s my pretty lady she’s doing very well, any suggestions on a good trim/ thin out alil before I flipped her to 12/12


that is one gorgeous plant…Does she require any special attention for growing? How tall did she get? What did you harvest from the 6gal pail and when you re-vegged, did you amend the soil or just top dress


Thanks no I didn’t do much to her, originally she was only 4 foot tall there were 2 of them but I had to many plants crammed in a small space so its really didn’t yield much, but my 1st mac plant on the other hand turn out nicely she was 6 feet tall an got 14 ounces from her it was smoke of the best smoke I have ever tasted

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That’s in a 2 1/2 gallon bucket I had great results with those buckets I have 3 of them with probably 40 1/2" holes in the bottom