My ph level of water

Here where I [email protected] I got snow and let it room melted so I wouldn’t waste any nutrients by heating it up. My ph is dead on 7.0 in water and in soil. Is this correct?

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Soil is self correcting, as long as it is living and not just a blank substrate, like rockwool, plain coco or peat. If you are getting ph 7 out of your snow…by the time it is feeding your plant it will be in the necessary range (somewhere between 6.2-6.7)
so, CORRECT you are Brian


Brother is sure is nice to have have some one like you to answer my questions . Most people around here where I live think their special secrets. Man I really appreciate you taking time to help a old hillbilly out.


Soil has some amazing buffering abilities, it’s almost impossible to change the ph of your soil with water. But you are good to go. 6.8 will help with the reds and purples to be brighter.

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Thanks for the insight friend.

These are my Fruity Pebbles @ 10 days old with just snow water