My new leaves are different than the old ones?!

So before i topped and fimmed my plants, they looked like this.

One week after i topped and fimmed they looked like this… Any guesses as to why??


I usually won’t top mine until they’re at least a foot tall. Its a lot of stress for the little baby plant and you may have just stressed it. It looks healthy though and the two branches are becoming main stems. Is it an auto flower stain or a photo period strain? If its an auto flower, that could be a lot of stress also. I dont top auto flowers at all.

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I dont think its an auto. Maybe just a midget plant. At 5 nodes tall it was only like 4 inches


It doesn’t look bad. Maybe just keep an eye on it but I think you’ll be alright.

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Cachewithers I wonder where they are at now? Any new pics? From the pics. looks like the one on the right did a proper split to 2 colas from 1. The one on the left looks like it has 3 colas, 2 splits and a main. That can happen from a fim. Most people say to not start trimming this early but I have ALWAYS started trainning at about this stage. I go for 8 colas on fems, and usually only trim autos in the summer (I grow outdoors) and only in the beginning. In winter, I still get 6 hrs sunlight and top 1 time for 2 colas while in the starter (indoor, lights, started in peat pods). By the time I move to outside, they are ready for final planter. The fems - I work all season up to bloom time, then on LST here and there to keep an even top so light disperses across the canopy

Theyre gone. Cat ate em.

Damn cats, that’s what we get for turning them on to catnip… :smile:

Ya my bro told me to grow that too so theyll stay aw a y from my plants