My lives are yellowing a little

the problem I’m having is my leaves are turning yellow it’s been extremely hot hear can I use mulch on the bottom around the base of my plants I have black mulch I use miracle growth on them 24/8/16

HOT???I live in Vegas, we were over 116F…that is hot. Heat will cause more damage than just yellowing leaves. That is a sign of either Nitrogen deficiency or overwatering / over feeding and they get nutrient lock.
Leaves do not look like overwatered (no drooping) and I do not see BURNT tips (over feeding) so process of elimination…N…
do not concern yourself with LOWER fan leaves discoloring…NORMAL. Always check NEW growth, changes in the majority of the plant, not just a small spot (except mold or insects)
the question is…what are you feeding?

miracle growth 24/8/16 I have lots of new growth

is the new growth GREEN or YELLOW? If green, you are fine

it’s green for sure all of it

@yonv50 are those white patches on your leaves? Have you sprayed them with something? If not it looks like you have WPM (white powdery mold) :dizzy_face: hope not.