My leaves are turning brown! YIKES!

My “Kush” plant has been so healthy and happy until just recently. The end of the leaves are turning brown. I hope to share a picture. I’ve tried to help by not giving nutrients, less water, different nutrients…etc. What is my Major Mal-Function? hahaha I KNOW it’s user error. This is my 2nd summer of growing, so basically I’m new. My plant has been outside the whole time. When I was able, I put it out in the yard for full sun for about 2 months but now it’s too obvious, so there are in a much less sunny location now. Any help about that browning leaves???

Pictures will help answer your questions. Good luck.

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Depending on stage of growth, pushing of nutes and outdoor light cycle…I have found it normal, later in flower, for this to happen. As long as your soil and water are going in at a good ph, I would say it’s due to nutes and the stage of flower she is in. Pics would help, as Ad was saying! Happy growing!

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Need picture to be able to say what the problem is

I have taken 2 pictures but…ok, ok, so I don’t know how to add it to my post! I took them on my I-Phone. I’ll have to do a little figuring out!

HEY, I did it!!


Whole plant


I hope my plan turn out great. I only have 2 plants. 1 Kush 1 Gelato I like what you wrote, it gives me hope!

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Hey the girls look good. I’ve been moving my girl into closet at night. My neighbor’s outside light is affecting trichomes production.

We learn every grow. Take cate


Possibly your ph is a little messy? Is this in ground or in a pot? If in ground just give ph’d water for 7-10 days and clip the bad leaves. Last two or three add some cal/mag and kelp for the roots . Then start back with low doses of flower nutes/bone meal. Not sure what week you are in but probably an October harvest. If you are in a pot, flush a few times and clip off the bad stuff. Watch bud growth and try not to do too much to her, it will add unneeded stress. Happy growing! You should def be checking for bugs on underside of leaves and their markings around bud sites, good luck!

Very nice looking! I’m growing mine outdoors, in pots, as well.

In a pot. Yes, I’m thinking of an October harvest, as well. Thus, I don’t want to be killing them off before the magic can happen!!! :slight_smile:

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Understood, and I’m sure as you well know, your options are fairly unlimited with troubleshooting and mobility! Happy growing, my friend!

Has it been hot where you are? Looks like some heat damage / stress. Plants are taking nutes from leaves t feed…partially normal as you are moving closer to harvest. Tips are burning…nute mix is off. This late in the game you do not want Nitrogen, it will slow flower production. Heat stress will make airy buds and some of that leave discoloration. Watch the flowers, they are more important in telling you what is going on than the leaves. New leaves are good signs, white stigmas are flowers growing, lower leaf yellowing is normal


I Could not have said it better. I’d say at this stage there’s not much you want to do without messing up flower development. Those flowers look good under all those fuckered leaves. I agree with Mike that for it to come on so sudden like that sounds like some kind of environmental stressor. Even if it is ph lock it’s not going to change much this round. Do you have hard or very soft water? Either could cause ph problems later that don’t show at first in the soil.

Regardless of why, the most important thing in my opinion, is to defoliate any of those sun leaves as they get crispy on the ends. You could let some of the clawed/bent ones ride. But the ones with the crispy ends you have got to pinch those out. Smoke a little ganja and sit down listen to some tunes and take your time.

I have lost so many plants over the years that were otherwise mold resistant. To a couple of crispy leaf ends getting botrytis (bud rot) early on. As soon as the temperature drops and you get a little humidity bud rot jumps onto those crispy leaf ends every single fucking time. And once it’s in to the leaves it just rips through the plant.

My most important tip I can give you is pinch out any crispy ended sun leaves. :point_left: In my humble opinion.

Because its in a pot, check the TDS or EC of run off water. Perhaps the salt content is locking up water and nutrients uptake. Like others have suggested, check pH, too. Never too soon to remedy problems. You can heal her !!! lol

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check the runoff - if the PPM / EC is higher coming out than going in, you got a salt buildup

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Thank you Noobie and Mike! So far…well, let’s just say Dr Dana is here. hahahahaha

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Well, the deed is done. My sickly plant flowered and I just ended up harvesting it as is. It’s good but not look great. The Gelato did fine the whole time. I don’t sell, I DO give, though. Glad my season is over now. hahahahaha

@Adcrag i had same thing happened to me last year poll light made it flower late and didn’t finsh by time frost hit