My Indoor vs Outdoor Experiment

A bit of poor beginner planning has given me the opportunity for an interesting experiment. Some backstory:

The first seeds I ever purchased were these Lemon Kush, and some NYC Diesel, both from HGCC. I think they were on the BOGO menu for March.

I started 9 of the Lemon Kush, and 7 made it. Compared to the NYC Diesel, which were like clones of each other, the Kush were all over the place. There were 2 runts, 2 really stretchy ones, and one that was super finicky about water - if it wasn’t just the right amount it looked droopy.

I ended up taking clones from all of them - except the runts. I didn’t really plan to, but there were some lower branches that weren’t really developing that I decided to prune away. But I couldn’t just toss them, so I got some pots ready. I only had 1 that didn’t make it. I also became aware of pheno-hunting around this time.

Fast forward to today, and I’m all out of room indoors. I gave one of the runts away after 3 days into flower and I hear it’s looking lovely in its new outdoor home. I’m keeping a mother diesel and those clones are going to be my next indoor run. I wasn’t as stoked about the lemon, so they got picked for this experiment.

I moved the lemon clones outside.

Indoor, they’re starting week 5 of flower.

I’ll post the results here.


Nice the ole girls are looking good man

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I had a little visit with the “runt” - guess I can’t call her that anymore! I think she’s starting to flower.

The other 3 are Autoflower Diesel from HGCC. I’m not seeing any signs of flowering on those yet. They’re supposed to be one of the biggest outdoor yielders they have to offer, for an auto.

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