My grow room + some newb Q’s

Hi guys! Long time smoker, first time grower here. My state finally legalized it for recreational use!! :star_struck:

A little background: My mom, sister, and girlfriend have all had medical use cards for a while. I probably could have gotten one myself but honestly it was cheaper for me to get it from friends. I smoke around 1lb of flower per year myself, and the ladies of my life prefer the edibles. Now that it’s legal, I decided to take up a new hobby, and save myself and my family some cash!

My girlfriend and I both enjoy gardening, and last year we really got into it. For a while there food was pretty scarce in the stores, and the nurseries were all shut down at the beginning of gardening season. So, I started buying some seeds and building an indoor grow room to get our garden going. I never dreamed I’d be growing weed in there! Legally!!

Our grow room started out in a small “bedroom” - which was really more like a large walk in closet. This year we moved it to the basement, into a larger 12x12 room we had down there.

The racks and shop light LEDs along this wall were the “old” grow room:

After the move to the basement, we added a pair of 5x5 tents (veg + flower), some budget lights from Amazon, and the rest of the necessary goodies:

But I guess those pics will have to wait! As a noob I can only upload one at a time! :upside_down_face:

So I guess I’ll get on to my noob question. I started some NYC Diesel and Lemon Kush seeds - from Homegrown of course! - a little over two weeks ago. The plants are pushing out their 4th node, but they’re only around 4 inches tall. Stems are getting sturdier but still only about 1/16” thick.

Too early to top? They’re photoperiods of course.


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What beautiful plants you have there! :heart_eyes: Growing some peppers, too? If those were my plants, I’d top. Most might wait a bit more, but that’s my opinion. Do you have a fan blowing them about midway for toughening up the stems?


@Kmac is correct…better to top now for a more controlled growth and training. 4th node is perfect for fim / top adjustments. Then you can top again after those tops are developed and have nodes. After it is done, try to keep the canopy even so it doesn’t mess up the lighting.
Guess you are New York? You got a basement…Out in the west, LV, NV, no basements here…Sure do miss them and they were cooler. Could use that here. They went legal in NY recently, aye?


Thanks @kmac03 ! Yep, we’ve got several different varieties of peppers - Carolina reaper, scotch bonnet, habanero, cayenne, jalapeño, bell, and a few others. We’ve also got some San Marzano tomatoes, beans, and cukes waiting another couple weeks before going outside into the garden. That’s the best part of starting from seeds - you gain access to the varieties that you want, instead of only what the nursery has available.

We have a total of 3 fans blowing on the racks from different heights and angles. The tents each have two more apiece.


Beautiful! I’m in adoration! I love making my own seeds, too. I have more on the way, flowers and trees. I just planted some Christmas trees, Blue Spruce, specifically.


That’s some pretty good detective :face_with_monocle: work @Mrb53004. I’ll just say, you’re not too far off…

Yeah, I think the basement is going to work out great. I wasn’t considering the fact at the time, but this space benefits from geothermal - the temperature down there only varies by about 10 degrees all year. In the height of summer it only gets up to around 65, and it only gets down to 55 in the dead of winter. I’m hoping that means we won’t need any supplemental cooling - I can just pull air from the side of the basement that I’m not heating.