My girls don't look happy

This has happened before and of course I can’t remember. Leaves trying to cup, curl, twist. Since my little heart problem I can’t remember crap. Need, a lil help from my friends.

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@Rusty this is what hydro looks like when you are spot on…your plants grow so fast and look how fat she is…if you think you did something wrong just flush the reservoir but from what I can see she is just full…oh and make sure you have air movement with that thick growth


Thank you sir for your info. Thanks to you I am looking at my best Harvest ever. When you told me that little gem of information about work on your environment and it will come. That plus a few other tricks you told me and some of just shadowing your post. That parts per million deal that you showed me I believe that and the environment made all the difference in the world. Thank you my fellow grower