My gelato plants

I’m a first time indoor grower and I chose gelato auto and fem seeds from HGC. Got 12 seeds and all of them are growing. To me they look healthy but I’m out of town working and my friend is babysitting for me. He thinks they are “pepper” plants lol just posting a recent picture I have him send me once or twice a week.


Lol pepper plants.
First time i planted seeds some 40 years ago. I started them in a old bathtub full of compost behind the chicken coop. I saw dad back there looking at them real hard (he was a big time truck gardener) so when he went inside i couldn’t transplant them into the woods fast enough.
So i go inside for supper and he asks what i am growing out behind the chicken coop. So of course i came clean and told him they were some old tomato seeds i found but since they were looking puny i had turned them into compost already. He said that was probably a good thing. Lol


:joy::joy::joy: can’t wait til it legal. I’d like to try outside


I’m with you on that, however, the other farmers I know had one helluva time last year between thrips and white flies. I just did a round with the beginning of thrips a couple of weeks ago and I’m indoors. I can’t stand those things.

White flies- we douse with DE and cover our rows with MYLAR, just leaving space for the plants to grow and water. The reflection of the light to the underside of the plants discourages the white flies and the DE takes care of the thrips…to a degree

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Huh. I should probably mention that to a few of them. I think my area had an infestation of some sort of beetles, too, last year. The farm service people send out alerts occasionally.

We had the return of the Japanese beetle which means we will have many grubs this season. I remember living back east when we had the Gypsy moth problem,I never saw such defoliation and death in all my years

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That’s what it was! Gypsy moth. Beetles, too, but I remember them saying they hadn’t seen the moths in years or something.