My funky GSC turned purple


I’ve got two GSC autos at 73 days right now.


Mine are auto’s also, and look similar at 85 days. But ,this one is over a 100and maybe more.Started April 1st and lost the other 3. Restarted in may 4new ones and put this one under lights and nursed her back to life!! She is only about 15” and bushy. She gets cut next week ,it’s still plumping, but I’m worried about rot. Never have seen this color on my GSC…can’t wait to try her. Was told it could be a phenom type or just the stress.


The cola on my GSC. A week in the dry box so far

Nice. I’m remembering a bit of a staggered start, the short one flowered first by almost a week. The taller one slipped a restraint when tied down, went unnoticed as I was having health issues. It’s going to end up probably heavier anyway, lol. The babies in front are buds light. I did not realize they’re supposed to grow really tall, so ima have to get clever tying them when the time comes.

I had a similar problem, a auto got knocked over when I was out of town for 2days. Didn’t fell I could stand her up because she was young. Ended up being like LST,all her branches shot straight up. It straightened up in about 2wks but has a 90 degree bend at the soil. They are resilient if anything :joy:

Chopped the short one today. 74 days, not quite five Oz wet. The tall one still has a ways to go.

Sweet .
my purples gets cut early next week

After drying , not the purple regular GSC

I chopped the little one: hung it eight days and jarred exactly 28.3 grams today.
The taller one is still adding flower, at 11 1/2 weeks

That’s the last of the Gsc seeds. I sprouted two buds light autos, transplanted them this evening.

I had to chuckle though, when a rough started runt ended up almost exactly an Oz of prime stuff. Interesting to see how her sister plumps up.

emphasized textIMG_5059 IMG_5069

Eighty five days and the tall one is still popping lots of new growth and lots of white hairs still every day. SF1000 light running 24/0, wide open, I just today noticed it’s getting some reddish purple on a few of the leaves on top of some branches. Still gaining some weight, so I keep watering it.

It seems that color is due to age? Keep me posted , mine is in cure will test in a week or two more

I’m thinking it’s exactly that. Colors present are often masked by chlorophyll, and start coming through as the plant nears end of life. I’ve been getting some nice fragrance the last few days, which kinda goes with that I am told.

Update. I chopped the big GSC at ninety three days, dried until twigs snapped, and put 45.1 grams, slightly over an ounce and a half, into jars today. Working with three gal. Pots in a tent with a sf1000 light running 24/0, varying only distance. FFOF soil, ff trio half dosed nutes. Imho everything matters. A good germ and easy transplant is desired, along with some judicious LST.
I did have some transplant stress, but obviously not too bad. If you can jar an honest 1.5 oz out of an auto potted in a three gallon pot indoors, and get an ounce from the stumpy sister along with? I’ll take that all day long, lol.