My first pheno grow: How am I doing?

Hey guys!

I’m a 100 days in with growing my first phenotype which is the gelato strain. I have grown 3 batches of auto flowers, which all have turned out fluffy. I originally thought the gelatos were autos so I planted the seeds in Happy Frog with Natures Living Soil for auto flowers. Once I looked back at my receipt from Homegrown, I realized the gelato was not an auto flower. From there I added Dr Earth veg and bloom and purchased a new light to add to what I have already. I read not having enough light can create fluffy weed, so I’m running 400 watts and adding dry amendments every 3 or so weeks. Will do a final top dressing two weeks prior to Harvest which is around 3rd week of October. So, question is how do they look? Any suggestions of what I need to do differently?


@Diza You have buds and I saw some purple there as well so you are doing ok


Thank you! I think they look beautiful and healthy. I really hope the buds stay as dense as they are now. They’re super sticky and even after a shower this morning, my hands still had a pungent smell from touching them.

Looks great! I’m sure the change was substantial when you switched lighting. Happy growing! Using dry amendments every three weeks, can you tell a change in her when you feed at that rate?

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Thanks! Dr Earth recommends every other week but I say that’s too often. I do see a change in my ladies after I feed them. The buds have fattened up substantially and are super dense. I’ve only top dressed 3 times and like I said will do a final one close to harvest. In the beginning I saw gnats galore on my traps but now they have almost disappeared. I don’t believe that’s from my amendments because I read they are attracted to the fertilizer and such. Not complaining whatsoever just seems odd to have nearly none at all. I took a risk with the additional light not knowing if they’d burn and also the dry amendments but so far so good.

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