My first indoor setup and grow!

Hey everyone still trying to learn how to navigate this forum! Hope this is in the right area.

I’ve started to grow indoors and have found even more passion for this amazing plant! I’ve done quite a few outdoor grows but finally went out and got my first tent! I have a spider farmer 2x4 with a Sf2000 light setup and 4 inch ventilation system and I love it ! !


My plants are unknown strain from seeds a friend gave me. I’m growing in Canna Terra soil as my medium and I have just gone onto my second week of flower light cycle and the are going so well I hope that they are going to be female!!


You should be able to identify sex by 4th week, look at the 5th node it should have a single hair or balls :yin_yang: That is the 4th week in Veg


Awesome cheers mate.

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Great set up for two or three plants… I still have their oversize 2x4 that im growing my strawberries and herbs in. They should start sexing after about a month in veg.

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Thanks mate. I’m happy as with the setup and how much fun growing in a tent is.

I’m a lil concerned that I have left them to bushy and to late to trim up now that they are into 3rd week of flower light cycle I don’t want to stress them by trimming the lower leafs

Think I’m over thinking it lol

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There is a thought process that go’s with trim day 21 & day 42 of Flower. :yin_yang:

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You are over thinking it…at the end of the day they are still resilient weeds. There is nothing smarter than trimming off buds that aren’t going to amount to anything, or even a “light defoliation” will not hurt. If your plants are healthy they will recover just as quickly.

My autos, for example, almost always start flowering on week 4 - 5 from seed. I defoliate at least twice during flower if necessary.

Don’t be scared to try different things. I have tried almost everything that people say to do “BRO-SCIENCE” and most of it doesn’t matter. Even to a degree temps, etc. don’t matter. Don’t let anyone tell you there is only a certain anything that you must do because it is crap.

I don’t flush…they are plants which should be fed up until death. I still have white ash.
I don’t put them in darkness for 3 days for more trichome production…also crap imo… I get plenty without it and never could tell a difference.
I don’t use a fan in my dry closet…it was drying too fast…no fan and air exchange is me opening the door every once and awhile but my dries last 7 days now instead of 3 and my terpene loss is minimal now
My avg temp is 88 degrees in my tent during day and 68-70 at night, humidity is 50 -78 depending on the time of year…none of this has affected anything as far as I can tell. Besides my plants turning purple on bigger temp shifts.

I don’t water to run off, I don’t check ppm, I don’t check par, I do a style called No training. I germinate my seeds in water…not soil or paper towels. PH is very important, more than anything I have found but I only grow in soil.

And this is my opinion and what works for me after 20 grows and 60 autos…just starting photos


I do final pruning (lollipop) around the end of stretch for photos. Clean up the lowers and the middle and try to leave the fans. Generally around the end of week 3 from flipping the light cycle.

The fear for me is stunting them in stretch so I wait. Just let it all rage then cut off the weaker stuff around day 22 (that’s a great time to top dress too as they head into stacking) I generally leave the top 3-4 nodes above where I topped the stems. Lateral branching depends on the shape of the plant and how much room I have.

Btw… I like to transplant about a week before flip and then top dress in week 3/end of week 3.

I probably have a thread on my last photo run in here somewhere with lots of pictures on defoliation/ pruning.


Thanks mate and I love the simplicity you grow at man! I’ll take a leaf from your book mate!


Thanks heaps to mate

My plants are super healthy and I’m happy with the results of this first grow and I’ll try trimming them lightly and learn from how this goes

Appreciate all the responses


Well my plants turned out to be hermy and a male so I’ve learnt a valuable lesson!! Get good genetics haha

I just popped In some dosi do autos and can’t wait to start again and learn about auto flowering plants