My first indoor grow

I started my first indoor grow in July, the 23rd is when I put my 4 GG#4’s in soil, when I transplanted them I used Kelloggs organic soil wth a vigoro mix, I purchased both at home depot, the Kelloggs was rich with nutes, when I mixed them i used living soil and no further nutes until I flipped my lights on Oct 22, after flipping to 12/12 I started using fox farm big bloom, tiger bloom and grow big, however when I flipped my lights one of my babies just wanted to keep growing and grew over twice as tall as it was, took a whole month before I saw a bloom, now I’m a few weeks from harvest and I’m super excited with what I have created, any advice or help would be much appreciated, ohh yeah I’m using mars hydro 1000w led lights and a 3x5 mylar reflective tent. Here’s a pic


Well done, you!! Nice documentation, too. Nice to meet you.


Wow @gmac !

Looks great :+1: I can smell them from here :grin:

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GG4 can be unpredictable in growth. I have grown tons of it and each grow had significant differences within the grow. Nanners definitely - hybrid and characteristics of both parents sneak in. A great bud but I always struggled with - height - dang, flower time and some of the colas just grew and grew and grew. I could have a 3.5’ tall plant with 6-7 ft colas here and there. Easy to stress but also loves to be trained. Lights bring on the nanners as it gets close to them. Still one of my all time favorites


I commend your patience. 90 days in veg. Think i would be going stir crazy.


I actually feel like waiting that long was a mistake, the first 2 months they were growing like crazy, so full and thick, then into the third month my growth came to a halt, so I patiently waited and watched until I just decided it was time. As I mentioned this was my first indoor grow, next time I won’t wait as long

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