My first grow of Gold Leaf (I did grow outdoor)

I thought I would share the cannabis cookies I made from my Gold Leaf Harvest. By the math, each should be 50mg strong. The shape I use allows me to break on section off approx. 10mg if that is what is needed or more if that is what you want. The yellow star in the center let’s me know what strain the cookie is. After I bake, I air evacuate and can freeze. I have found they last up to a year without effecting strength.
I am impressed with the Gold Leaf strain. Good yield that is now curing. I will test the cookies tonight to see how they feel.


You’re amazing! That’s pretty awesome.

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What flavor are the cookies? Even without the pot, they look yummy

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They are chocolate and almond, butter and sugar cookies. I modified the recipe to eliminate as much of the taste from the cannabis as I could as well as work with the cookie press. I wanted uniform size to control the potency.


care to trade? Consider some seeds or my mold / insect organic concentrate?

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