My first grow GG#4

These are 11 weeks old, gorilla glue #4. They seemed stunted for a couple of weeks after moving them to the buckets. Buckets are semi buried in the garden with many holes for drainage. Glad I didn’t give up. They are kicking ass now. :sunglasses:


Training with bamboo and zip ties. Ya use what you got.


I suggest you find/buy electrical wire. You know, the black and white wire in your house’s electrical system. The wires are stiff and stick in the ground. They are cheap and easy to use. Once you get the branch to bend and grow in the desired direction you can remove the wire and it will stay there… Try it.


One week in after seeing flowering beginning


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I guess, seven days into flower. Fed them today, 3 liters of water with grow time stage three split between both plants. I sprayed some Neem oil on them, lightly, for bugs. How often can Neem oil be applied? We’re getting almost daily rain here on the redneck Riviera

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Week three of flower

End of week four of flower today. Got a guardian geko on the plant. Stoned I suppose :rofl::rofl::joy: