My first auto grow

I have grown before and did photoperiods this is my first auto grow. I’m growing 1 Diesel from NASC and 1 Auto Original Russian. 3x3x7 tent, famur Ts1200 disable led full spectrum CO2 canister humidifier when needed and 3 intake fan and 4” outlet with carbon filter

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These are like day 1

End of week 1

One with Rockwool is the diesel and the one with out is Russian

Beginning of week 2

week 2

Middle of week 3

this week has had a fox farm nutes feeding 1/4 strength up till now it’s been 3 plane waters 1 full gall of molasses water, transplanted to 2 gal pots with fox farm HF and when transplanting use great white. Both just got LST with feed

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Russian auto middle of week 2 she already has some pistols showing

Two plant pics are of the diesel auto end of week 3 then a quick over all snap shot

Over all the grow I am now currently running a cheap 3x3x7 tent with a vivosun 4” inline fan with carbon filter, 3 fans throughout the tent ranging from 6.5” to 12”. 2 Famurs TS1200 dimmable lights, 1 CO2 bucket (.50 gal). 2 plants 1 auto diesel from NASC, 1 original Russian auto from FastBuds. Soil is FF HF, and Nutes are FF Dirty Dozen.

Finally someone who knows what they’re doing usually see stick trees nice job lsting you forgot to Fim the [email protected]# K out of em

The auto diesel in Rockwool cube is now 45 days and is starting to show signs of flower, my auto Russian is at 38 days barely showing any pistols. I have fought high temps for a few weeks it’s been very rough. By these girls have pushed through great. I am running FF HF, have used Great White, 2 times for transplant, and a top dress, using FF DD pack 2 TS1200 Famur lights in a 3x3.

the beginning bud is from my auto Russian, the auto diesel is just starting

Looking good. I’m growing an auto and was told to put into final pot straight away. This one I didn’t. I feel by potting it still in the small pot and take out and it slides straight in is ok. I hope. Just done. I’m a week behind you . Along with some photos I’m trying a mexican airlines from fast buds auto. In final pot now. Think 3 week old

Also told not to top or fim. Not on your first. Up to you tho. I’m not. I went for the nearest to 100% sativa . I prefer indica but I’m doing only this in a 70x70 X this is why 200cm . Not the most appealing name but names are part of the marketing machine.

I fim every auto plant I grow they respond very well to it once at end of 2nd week then one more time at end of 3rd week then by week 4 everything is healed and go into bloom. You need to keep it all documented. I keep it on my calendar on my phone. Haven’t stunted one plant yet

These are an update of the 2 plants in the 3x3 tent 2 TS1200 Famurs dimmable lights, 1/2 lb C02 tube( dealing with very high heats) w/ fox farm HF soil, great white for the myc., FF Dirty Dozen Nutes, water swapping between food, plain and molasses water. The feeding schedule started at 1/4 and worked up. I believe I could have started with 1/2 strength Nutes at least but this is also my last run w them will be getting new Nutes line next run.

Haha @Duggie

I broke the stem on my auto therefore topping it after I said that ha ha what will be will be. Good luck. Mexican airlines flight to good buds departing soon. I won’t be blaming the supplier. 1 from 2 I could but wouldn’t.

@Mr_Redrum420 did last grow an and went mad. Spent a fortune. Now canna a n b rhizo cannazyme, some booster depending on the pk option I chose I have a few
Green planet 1-50-30
Canna pk13/14
Mills c4 and 0-7-6
Sumo ,9/18
Bit of big bud

Any experience with these and opinions

@Damo1107 i have not had any experience with those products I am really kinda of a newbie lol

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