My first Auto grow indoors, which Indica and which Sativa?

Hello Community
i want to try growing Autos for the first time indoors (I’ve grown Photos before)
i want to grow 2 Indicas and 2 Sativas, any suggestions and maybe experiences with different strains would be appreciated.


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I did my first auto grow with 16 varieties. All are hybrids. Sativa leaning Bruce Banner, Wedding Cake. Indica leaning Gelato and Sweet Tooth.

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thanks, I was actually considering Wedding cake!

Hello I’m also doing my first auto flower grow I’ve also had 2 successful grows with photo periods and I’ll say this auto grow has been really fun and the colors my plants are showing are so beautiful ,purple, orange and different shades of green as far as strains go I went with the free seeds I got from HGCC Deelite auto and then I also had some B-52 auto’s from another bank and both have sold me on the autos and both have been virtually no extra work I only had to remove a few leaves here and there mine are getting ready to start week 10 of flower I’m hoping that they will turn out as nice as they look like they are going to well happy growing and good luck

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Hey thanks, Deelittle sounds good from HGCC (i just looked it up)
right now i have 6 photos in week 4 of veg, they’re looking nice but,
I’m really looking forward to my first Auto grow!

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hello guys, I’m doing my first auto and I see a lot about stressing the plant. My question is when is it safe to bend the main stem. she is already 20 days old and would like not to waste time.

I’ve grown a bunch of autos…I wait until 4 weeks or more…When you do bend the stem, don’t forget to tie the bottom down to prevent the plant from coming out of the soil when you bend the top over…This is my preference…I have seen that some growers do manipulate their plants at an earlier age…HAPPY GROWS


For first auto grow I would go something easy…

Blueberry is easy and always seems to come out perfect… All my other first autos sucked.

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