My femenized seeds produced Hermaphrodites

I started my plants indoors in February this year, by March they were looking good so I moved them outside. By the beginning of April they were ready to go into the ground, but towards the end, all of my Harlequin plants started to flower and grow pollen sacs. I’m also growing Gold Leaf, Gelato, and Jack H. strains and they didn’t have this issue, it was only the Harlequins. I’ve pulled them all now and tossed them because I don’t want seeds. Is there any reason why this happened? Is it the seeds? It only happened to this strain.

@stevebeitz if they were feminized it could be due to compound feminization, or it just be they got stressed out during the move outside due to the elements, this happens with feminized seeds., all the interbreeding that’s been done for years now. Also depends on how those seeds were produced and how stable those parents were., lots of things can cause this. Remember feminized seeds are produced via coaxing female plant to grow pollen sacs.