My Death Star setup

Here’s my death star strain set up. I’m using the scrog method but how high up should the net be from the base of the plant? I’m at about 12 inches now, should I raise it? Death star doesn’t grow that tall and the say its good for scrog.


@Marijuana_dan They sure look good, i’ll enjoy watching your grow. Have @MDBuds or @Mrb53004 take a look and Happy Grow

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@Marijuana_dan nice set up…the net is where you need it to be based on what you trying to achieve…in my DWC set up the first net is set at around 18inch and the second around 36inces…the first net is where I train the branches to grow threw different squares. and the second net is for cola support and spacing


Oh ok, I may need to raise it a bit. I’ll check later as I believe I’m at about 12 inches, I could be wrong.

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Hi @Marijuana_dan,

Looks good!

It depends on what you’re trying to do with the trellis. If you’re planning to train the plant with it, that’s a probably a good height where you’ve got it. The real setting will be when you start weaving branches through the squares.

In that case, you might also want another one for extra support to keep the buds from flopping over when they fatten up. You might not need it, but you’ll wish you had it if your favorite bud snaps off before harvest day.

That one you just keep positioned above the canopy and just deploy it when it looks like you need to. Or if you’re not using it for training and just want it for support just keep it above the canopy.


@Marijuana_dan @CurrDogg420 @retiredoldguy great response team :wave:

Thanks alot! When should I start defoliating the bottom area up until it meets the net?

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@Marijuana_dan as soon as the bottom leaves start over crowding space so that it’s difficult for air and moisture to move around. in otherwords: just about the time you think, Cool it’s Bushy :point_left: then it’s time to Top and trim but they bounce back fast and double like grannies tomato plants after she whips her mators with a switch. Granny was meaner than us. we just Top and trim lightly allowing space for air flow and twice the bud count in production later on