Here’s a peek at my girls @ week 5 day 36 from seed.


They are definitely green and healthy. Keep up the great care.

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Just keep spinning…it’s what it look like to me little balls of energy waves. You can tell they love you.

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Here are today’s pics. Sorry for the pic quality, my DSLR is os for the moment.

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The smartphone camera I am using is showing more yellow than there actually is, and I can’t seem to find a setting that negates that yellow.


Loving the patterns. Y’all make good music together. :v:t2:

These phones, ask a teen lol. They look good!!


OK dudes & dudettes, I know y’all are anxiously awaiting my Day 1 of Week 6 pics.
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All comments and critiques welcome. I apologize for the quality of the pics. Smartphones do have their limitations.

My next update will b 12.16.20

The pics don’t show my blackberry kush, she is just starting to flower although she was planted @ the same time as my other daughters.
I’m going to assume she objected because I grounded her. She came home late the other night. She wouldn’t talk to me or tell me where she had been.
She later made a point of telling me she did not care for the harsh treatment I gave her & her sisters by flowering later than her sista’s (her word not mine). She was the only one complain about being LST’d and having leaves removed.
She is responding just like any other teenager.
She will come around ONLY when she is ready.
I’m OK with that.


I was wonderin when you were gonna show yur stuff

I mean, just how glorious are they???

Thank you for the journey. :pray:

What no comments about me grounding one of the girls for coming home late.

Y’all need to smoke a dube before reading one of my stories.

Mike, u r killin’ me.


I just thought it was normal conversation? Was it not? :confused:

Yeah, normal conversations I have everyday with my girls. Although sometimes they R not in the room when I speak.

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They are enthusiastic energy healers that are true steward plants, huh?

Ok. That sounds good.

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Hahaha! If you are humoring me, I will take it. Thank you.

Can anyone examine the photo I’ve uploaded. Could u plz tell me if those are trichomes on the leaves ALREADY!!!



Decided to answer here. Hope you don’t mind. One: I’m not a pro, I’m learning, too, so hopefully someone with more knowledge than you and I combined will correct me if I’m wrong.

If those were my plants, I would take into consideration others’ advice (it’s always good for me to consult to see if the consensus is different than my intuition) and then go ahead and flush at an easy pace. I’d increase just a smidge on how much water I put in and keep coming to check back as normal, paying attention to the coloration. I may also increase my airflow up under the pots, if that makes sense to help dry things out as I know that I will probably end up watering a little more than normal. It’s about time for trichs to show up now anyway and I have come to realize with other plants, things are advancing faster than they should (I have a first year echinacea that bloomed out of nowhere in one of my tents. Wasn’t expecting it until next year, have three blooms now) I’ve heard the same from other growers/gardeners/farmers.

If you are using straight coco, you are safe to keep flushing out. I never had a problem with coco, it’s doing the soil amendments that test me regularly, but then how else would I learn? Flower time is the best time as I’m about to find out. I’ve had to add a bit of calmag today so I get to see if I do the water dance, too.



Seems to me that what you’re seeing are immature trichomes forming on what will be called the sugar leafs stemming from the newly forming buds in the early stages of flowering.

This is what you want to see.

Your plant still has quite a ways to go.

Hang in there!


I’m doing DWC. I have airflow above & below. I really, really, really hope those r early trikes.
Thanks for the info & input.
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@GOLLO oh yeah, they’re Trichs :v: