My auto's ,thnx to all your help!

Hi everyone I wanted to show you what all your advice & tip’s helped me do , I already have another tent w/ 6 more auto’s same ones as b4 triple XL (3) & Kush XL (3) I’m going to order more seeds .Does anyone have any suggestions for me ? I prefer Hybreds & Indica dom. REMEMBER I’m still a newbie ,thank’s BTW 3 of them will be going to dry in about a week maybe less I like the tric’s to have some amber one’s mixed in their all cloudy / white . here are 2 of them can’t upload the other for some reason …


Nice. Still growing robustly. I’d run it until at least a third amber trichomes, but that’s just me…as long as she is still drinking, still growing, you’re adding weight daily. Patience makes the yield.

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thnx on the advice re: waiting for the trich’s 1/3 amber is exactly where I want them at .They are at 8 1/2 - 9 weeks now & seed to harvest on this strain ( kush XL ) is supposed to be 9 week’s but I’m thinking at least another week for the 3 of them .