My auto flower is mad

I guess I cut too much off my White Widow auto. She is very mad, curling bad. I have done this before and she got glad in a day or so. pH good water temp. Good. Anything I can do to make her happy. I put strait dis. Water on one.

The fertilizer balance in your solution is the most likely reason the leaves on your plants are beginning to curl. Particularly with young plants, the heat from the lights can lead to leaf curl.

This can also happen when you’re not changing your solution often enough; the plants can leach necessary nutrients out of the solution, running out of that nutrient before you change the solution. Try changing the solution once a week instead of once every two weeks to see if that corrects the problem.

Particularly with young plants, the heat from the lights can lead to leaf curl. When you notice the outer edges beginning to turn yellow and curl, move the plants farther from the light.

Look closely at the leaves to help determine which nutrients is off balance. When the leaves are dark green and curled downward, it’s likely you’re overfeeding them and they are trying to process too many nutrients. Cut back on the solution for a few days to see if that eliminates the problem. When leaves curl upward, they are missing a vital nutrient.

With a potassium deficiency, it’s the older leaves that curl and begin to turn yellow. When the solution is lacking sufficient calcium, the younger leaves start to curl and become stiff. Younger leaves are also affected by a lack of boron or zinc. When the leaves on a plant take on a blue hue around the edge and curl upward, check copper levels, which are likely too low.

Hope maybe some of this helps.

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Yes, I think you are right. One is in nute lock, ppm out the roof 1700. The biggest i Put it on distilled water, the small one I will cut back on nutes. What you have said is spot on. Tanks

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Fixing to trash them if they don’t change soon. Absolutely no tricombs on it. Budding but no tricombs. Week 6 , I haven’t time