Mushrooms in my soil close to harvest

@Mrb53004 this is just a thought: up here on the mountain i cant forget to put the spacers under my buckets with winter coming on. keep that tent ab0ve ground soil, room temp

i only grow Fem Seeds but autos are beautiful and good stuff

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I am first time AUTO seeds so I can try to grow during winter. I always did FEM but I had a bad summer because of the heat wave. I tried to reorder seeds but European shipper was real late, blamed covid, so I did not get my seeds until beginning of September. planted a few but not sure there will be enough time for them (loosing light). They are going to flower now and they are only about 1’ tall. So I will see what AUTO will do for me. If I can get 2rm per plant, I am half the price of dispensary.
As far as above ground, down here in the valley we are still hitting almost 100f daytime temp. Wish I had more sun as my yard is a northern yard.

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Pssst, I’m a closet fan of auto’s too. They can be really fun for beginners/newbies and even more experienced growers. I love using auto-flowering plants for tinctures and oils because you can use the whole plant :slight_smile: