Moving plants in a wagon

my neighbor has his plants in a wagon & he moves the plants mid day to keep them in direct sun. good idea? bad idea? this is in upstate ny… thanks

I’d like to see this once it’s loaded with bud’s.
Aint gonna happen.

yeah true lol, It will be in mid september before buds are developing, but will moving the plants out of the shade to give full direct sun all day help its growth?

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@mikes yes it will. As long as you live in a cooler climate full sun all day is good. In a hot climate though shade screens or moving them to the shade at the hottest part of the day will be necessary unless you’re growing some desert weed. Lol

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Thanks MD , Thats exactly what i was wondering, Ill let him know as long as he dont dump them over he should be ok until the buds form & put on weight… :+1:

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I’m going to try 2 OGK A & ALASKAN PURPLE A outside. Towel germinating now.

Plan to put OGK & ALASKAN in 5 gal black fabric pots; and OGK in 3 gal blk plastic pot after solo cup.

I have open cover porch want to sit there for cover & roll out into full sun. Porch will keep rain watering.

Any pointers?? Daytime temps 75• & note 50s. Rh 48%, thoughts


Thats what my neighbor does, mdbuds says its beneficial to get more hours of direct sun in not so severe climate/temp…not sure about strains, my neighbor has green crack & another hybrid with silver in the name, Im sure you will be ok though…i guess we will find out at harvest time :sunglasses:

I like the wagon idea, time to garage sale shop lol. I pulled the trigger, popped 2 OKC & 1 Alaskan Purple.

In 5 & 3 gal pots. Put on back porch, but during day I’ll move so they get direct sun. It’s been hot & humid,; then last night got down to 58° & rain. Covered with garbage bags.

Temps today 68° & sunny. I should I bring in at night??

Have a great day & happy growing 2_20210526_154149

Lol not sure why my pic is upside down.

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Don’t know why my picture is upside down lol

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New strain, Pineapple upside down cake! :grin:… is it too early in am for my bad jokes? :yum:


I only bring my plants in at night if theres a chance of storms that may cause damage, but i have alot with tomatoes /peppers etc… but i dont think it will hurt them to sleep indoors at night, a fan might be a good idea if you do…

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We need a Weather channel here so we can all plan accordingly.

what part of the country are you In? or should i ask what part of the world?

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Currently, I’m in the middle of the U.S., but subject to change soon.

I’m in Northeast Ohio. It 58° & raining. There in the house, I don’t have a light , hope this does derail my girls.

I put a dome to hold humidity.

I would put them right in the rain i have two outside im under you in ky i put tomatoe baskets around them for the wind they love it

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How big are [email protected]

Not even sprouted, but autos in their 5 gal fabric pots.

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I thought the rain would overwater them.

I thought they had some size to them