Moving bagged plants inside

Looks like a tropical storm/hurricane scheduled to hit our area, saying up to 6’’ of rain possible by me, moving all my 5 gal fabric girls inside for a couple days, as they are already too wet from all the pop up unpredicted downpours here lately, the big raised bed girls are now under a plexiglass roof, :crossed_fingers:


Gee Mike, you got as many issues as me and my HEAT…Hope you get through this oK

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Im sure i’ll get through it ok, im inland far enough, im concerned about the folks on long island & coastal northeast, i made room in the shed for all my moveable plants. so at least they wont get battered…is the heat letting up at all out west?

Mike…first week in I cannot remember when that nightime has hit the upper 70’s and daytime is not over 105…later this week it is expected to do 108 for 3 days but I hope and pray that is it and we move to the 100-104°f range…a true sign of Fall in the desert