Mother plant? Chem91

My “local” dispensary is offering Chem91 clones from the original 30 year mother. I only have one tent… So how would I keep the mother in veg while my other plants are in flower?? Would I have to buy a 2x2 and light to house the mother?

Yeah you’d have to get another tent or at the very least find a sunny outdoor spot to keep her happy until you tent her up.

30 year mother, hopefully still is potent.

A plant in veg really doesn’t need it’s own tent, just make sure she gets enough light to prevent it from flipping to flower . . . either natural sun, a lamp or some combination of the two will work fine. Mother’s need 14-24 hours light per day, the amount of light will affect growth rates . . . shorten “day” to slow growth, lengthen it to increase growth depending on how many clones you are looking to harvest from your mother each week, bi-weekly or monthly.

If you’re wanting to keep a healthy mother you’ll need to adjust nutes and such accordingly . . . generally a low strength blend of veg and flower nutes, avoid the silcones as they tend to produce woodier stems that are more difficult to get to root.

As long as the mother is healthy, the clones will still be potent. The genetics are genetics, now it’s up to you to get the environmental factors right.