Mold? Wispy hairs 40x zoom

This is 40x magnified. Outdoor crop it has been in jar for eight months. The string is Concerning, anybody have any ideas?

Don’t sweat it, the picture you have the pointer on looks to me like a perfectly amber trichome up close. The mushroom head gives it away. Doesn’t look anything like mold to me. I think you’re good to go. Smoke away.

Personally, unless I was a cancer patient or immune compromised with Crohn’s or something, I would not sweat the microworld so much. Stick to the macro. You can see it in the macro then don’t smoke it. Micro combing your buds seems a little bit mold-housen by proxy to me if you get what I mean.



I am actually an expert weed sampler. What you can do, is send it to me. :grin: I’ll test it out for ya, and if it’s good, I’ll forget to write back to ya so you’ll know it’s good to go. :laughing:


thought I would share an old school technique to detect mold…get a black light and shine on it, if there is mold you will see some very vibrant/florescent green …back in the day we all had black lights and posters and I still have a black light I use for just this purpose.


@CtYankee7121 that isn’t mold.

If you look at mold under a scope it will look fuzzy and cratered and usually have a gray/brown color. Sometimes yellow/black. Like if the moon had moss growing on it.

What I see there is just trichomes and maybe one burst and left a resin string (which happens a lot and it’s also why sometimes you’ll get sticky sap looking spots on leaves under the flowers) or some random silken web thread from a mite, spider, or caterpillar.

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I am never heard of this in all my years of growing. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the tip.

I also had those velvety blacklight posters in the 80s and 90s. Those are awesome to get high under and listen to Darkside of the moon. What a childhood flashback. Thanks for the imagery retiredoldguy

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Wow. This was my first post ever and you guys did not disappoint! Thank you all so much. I plan on becoming as knowledgeable as you all and contributing in the future. This place rocks!!

He’ll ya,this place rocks knowledge

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That is too funny. We must be close in age cause I had the light too. Remember the stamps on the hands at clubs. They would check them with a small black light.