Mold killing all the buds

This has been a bad garden year, mold is killing everything from squash to my big bud. I have lost one plant and now another is going. I used humbolts flower shield at the first sign of mold on both plants, waste of time as the mold spread. The second plant was ok but now it’s showing signs as well. I am going to cut it down and hang it but I am afraid the mold will continue. Anything I can do or use to prevent this?

hi @bigbud use the search field as I know I have seen several posts on this and some remedies…I am indoor so I don’t have any solutions for you

Soap water i would take care of it before cutting it

Squash is a MOLD factory. Not supposed to grow it near cannabis. I have a product but it may be too late…if you want to consider for next / future grows, contact me privately
I have plenty references here to substantiate my stuff…works on mold, insects, residue and can be used on flowers, drying, anytime

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Well it is to late, I went back 2 days later and the other plant was wiped out. I have saved some bud but not allot. Considering I used Humboldt’s flower shield on the other plant before the mold was on it I can call it useless. I only planted 2 seeds this spring so I am germinating the other 2 in paper towels now. I will never have the buds drying now any place close to the indoor grow. In the future If I grow outside again if I have buds close to being done I will pick it all at the 1st sign of mold.

you need to pre-treat and prevent mold before it happens
I use an organic non gmo that i can spray all the way until harvest (buds too). I also defoliate, never plant near any squash plants, etc