Mold/Fungus HELP!

Leaving my post up because it might help someone else. It appears the stuff on my pots is just salt buildup. :blush:

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HELP! What is this and what should I do about it?
This is a 7 gallon fabric pot with a feminized lavender germinated on December 26, 2020. I haven’t switched to flower yet because I needed to correct a nitrogen deficiency. I’m also waiting for my 30:1 CBD: THC to catch up. I’m also growing GSC and Chocolope. All have some of this on the pots except the CBD - so far. I’m a beekeeper and thinking of making them a propolis tea, but wanted to check here first. This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with a grow and now I’m worried I will lose the whole crop!

I have a 5x5 tent with a 6” fan and filter, a small fan, a home-made CO2 generator and a humidifier. Light is a MIXJOY LED Grow Lights GL-4000d/450W Full Spectrum with Samsung LM301 LED Diodes & MeanWell Driver. Using FF nutrients. Another reason my plants are small is I used the wrong nutrients (Grow Big instead of Big Bloom for the 1st few months.)

I took clones from the tops early on and the clones are gorgeous and healthy looking in their 1 gallon plastic pots. I moved them outside now that our days are long enough, but planned to bring the big girls to flower inside.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Thanks for the post…Many would also think this is mold but yes, just a salt leach
Let me know how your 30:1 goes…I grew it from Seedsman and it blew me away…One of the best pain, anxiety relieving strains I have ever tried. Mine is auto…going to try and seed it…


I’m so excited to try it! It’s a beautiful plant so far. Thank you for the encouragement.