Moby Dick autos

4 days planted, 3 of the 4 broke thru today! Under 1000w Toad LED.

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What strain is that? It almost looks like Coke Bottle Kush. :rofl: :handshake:

Welcome! Happy growing!


LOL They’re Moby Dick Autos!

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Let us know how they progress…

All 4 popped up between day 4-5. We always start ours right in the soil, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

I know the time of lights doesn’t matter but since my light is able to switch between veg and bloom, should I leave in veg until they start to flower than flip to bloom lighting? Or just use full spectrum at at ty to finish? TIA

So for veg, blue gives you shorter node spacing, red longer. Probably your veg setting is tilted towards the blue side.

Personally I’d probably be running the “full spectrum” throughout- or whatever is like the maximum setting.

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