Mixing water and nutes

I am new to this and I was wondering if you can mix your water and nutes before hand ( 1-2 weeks) or should I just mix the water each time I need to feed or water them

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Hi Tom, welcome. I usually mix with each watering, I think that to make a mixture for several days or in advance you would need an air pump to keep stirring the mixture and it doesn’t spoil. but i’m also new to this so be wrong

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Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate your help I was just trying to figure out what to do when I am gone camping for a week over the labor day weekend and my wife is going to be home

Man, I would teach mine about cultivation and explain everything she needs to know. companion is not just in bed. If she is still not confident in doing it, at least teach her to arrange the pH of the water and the amount of watering, when watering or not, a watering in between, will not interfere with the development of the plant and can dissolve excess nutrients on the ground. My partner is a biologist and she was the one who helped me a lot in my first race.

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I would think if you watered them thoroughly before leaving they would be all right. The thing is, it kinda depends on what stage your babies are in. Some people intentionally “stress them out” during flowering stage (boost trichome production). Also, your lighting schedule should be considered. We’re indoor plant people and yes, although I have gardened for 20 years, this is our first “special” plant production. Good luck brother!

sure, depending on what stage the plant is in the holiday, I would spin it at home.

but if you already know about this trip, program to turn 12/12 after you return. so the care will be less…

I’m legally blind, with little remaining vision, so simple works for me. I use the fox farms liquid trio nutes, and literally this is how I use them. With plants in fox farms ocean forest soil, beginning week three, I premix a gallon of good tap water, cap off overnight to lose the chlorine, then pipette in a teaspoon (one pipette) of each solution, per gallon of water. That’s all I water with. I feed at every watering. I drop the high nitrogen grow big at the last few weeks with autos, but I don’t play around with the dosage any more than that. It works. Oh, any short term storage effects are minimal or less.

Thanks for the info. My hubby bought a bag of carbon dioxide about three weeks ago and so far the plants look pretty healthy. Those two are in the flowering stage. I’m really excited about the Bruce Banners, they just entered vegetative stage. Anyway, any tips are much appreciated.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am also using the same soil and nutes so I really appreciate your help. I will try the same thing

Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate the help I’m going to post some pics in the next week or so

No problem. I will say I’m sure there are much more intense methods that would give the ultimate yields, but I’m not trying to get married. I’m trying to grow a little weed, lol.

Most synthetic are ment to be mixed in a reservoir for hydro… right just need really good ph up or down that will hold

My nutrients are 3 days tops and then water is not good for the plant. And yes aerate if sitting for a period of time especially. It depends on the nutrients so look into what your using.

I use FOOP and mix in gallon jugs. One gallon will do 4 plants twice so I mix two gallons for a week (watering every other day). Probably doing it wrong but the results are quite lovely.