Mirgraines - What Strains of Auto

I have migraines, 25 or so days/month. I desperately need help for them – natural help. What strains do you take for migraines… please recommend.

G13 auto, anystrain heavy in myrcene

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I’m a new grower. So, I know very little about strains. Thanks for the info. I’ll start to research.

Sometimes smoking can exacerbate a headache/migraine, I’d try a Full spectrum R.S.O…, plenty of water.

I’m not very knowledgeable… R. S. O. ?

@GrnyGrows rso is Rick Simpson Oil. Also, the cultivar needed to treat the migraines depends on the cause of the migraines. Do you happen to know the medical cause for your migraines?

I don’t but I’m seeing my specialist Wed. Most stems from my neck issues. The pain (occipital) seems to start the headaches.

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@GrnyGrows is your neck pain related to injury or is it stress and tension? Or possibly both?

Occipital nerve pain that causes migraines is generally combination neuropathic pain and inflammation.

If you Dr confirms this there are a few autos that will maybe help.

Amnesia Haze auto for day and Critical Purple auto for night.

If you’d rather go the higher cbd route the cbd cheese might work as well as the CBD Kush auto and CBD Harlequin auto.

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Injury, arthritis and muscles – all into a nightmare cocktail. I started with White Widow for CBD help. Thanks for the other recommends. Opioids are the nightmare of my life. For neck pain, but then it causes migraines and rebound migraines. Bummer.


@GrnyGrows the white widow cbd auto is a good one too. I usually recommend most white widow varieties as well. I just haven’t grown it or used it yet as I have the others and I usually won’t suggest something unless I have used it and grown it myself. The reviews and word of mouth in the medical community about the cbd white widow auto are promising though.