MH TS1000 X2 in 4x3

I said screw it and bought the same light I have now for four plants. I moved them do a different set up which is a 4x3. Wondering how I should chain these lights up. Both long ways or both short ways. I thought two lights that cover a 3x3 veg and a 2x2 flower would suffice. I was just wondering which way to hang them to where they would cover a 4x3 area the best. Something so simple can be complicated. Here’s some pics of my northern lights auto from seed stockers 50-55 days in. I also have super skunk(photo), royal gorilla, and gorrilla glue #4 (which from what I’ve read are the same thing ones a Auto and ones a photo. I will order all autos next time. I went a bit wild trying different strains I also have a Zkittlez. Btw all I have done is given them a cup or two of blood meal, now a cup of bone meal, with organic soil from the local hardware store, one bag of perlite and one bag of vermiculite.
God bless.
-P :palm_tree:


For maximum coverage I would put them the long ways with respect to the tent - along the 4’. It looks like the light itself is just barely rectangular. Since you’d have two lights along the 4’ I’d turn the light so that the wider side is running in the 3’ direction.


That most closely matches the proportions of the tent floor. Least area of dim spots.