Meter readings need help/perfect needs of of cannabis

Need help on what to use for adjustments in runoff from plants in veg and plants in flowering stages. Here is a picture of my readings. Soil came with amendments in it. Fox Farm Happy Frog and Fox Farm Ocean Forest. And I have been filtering my water using a Brita Filter. And only adding molasses to the water and mixing it before adding to soil. So need some insight on what I need to do on the readings you see. And it is an all indoor grow.

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With soil run off ppm isn’t important. Only the ppm in your feed. Add one tsp liquid kelp per gallon and test ph and ppm before feeding. You should be between 500 and 750 ppm and have a ph around 6.2 to 6.5.


Flower ppm for feedings should be 750 to 900 depending on strain and needs then taper back off to 500 ppm the last few weeks.


Awesome thanks for the info Mr. MDBuds​:money_mouth_face::ok_hand::+1::v:

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I’ve been growing DWC for over 8 years now. I check the ppm when feeding and watering. If your ppm is 700 when you feed then the next day its 800 you need to drop your ppm. If its higher it means your plant is not useing the feed. Give it plain water. Check and don’t feed agin till ppm drops. When it drops it means the plant is useing the feed. In veg try to keep it around 700 unless the ppm drops. If it drops raise it to 800. The plant will use what it wants. Just remember if it gos up from what your ppm was at feeding give it plain water until it gos down. You will find a Happy medium.

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