Maybe dumb question

Since autos don’t care about a light schedule is it okay to grow a photo and auto next to each other?

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Yes you can.
Set the light schedule for the photos, and the autos will do their thing anyway. They will finish faster than the photos ya know…

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Thanks! That’s kinda what I thought

I wouldn’t advise flipping your lights for the photo until your autos are done and out of the tent…this will drastically hurt your yield on your autos. That is why I have two 4 x 4 tents, one is my Autoflower (full grow start to finish)/ Photoperiod (veg only) and then my other 4 x 4 is Photoperiod (flip to flower tent). This is my autoflower tent

and this is my photo tent (which currently has some auto seedlings and a clone but those are moving to the other tent next week when I flip the lights)

Your yield will suffer in 12 12 you need 20 4 work great

I was planning on a 4/20 light schedule

to be honest I ran a 20/4, 19/5, and 18/6…the extra two hours a day did nothing for me but run up my electric bill.