Maybe another Hermie?

I ordered some seeds last year probably around March/April.

I received CK Feminized seeds as well as Gelato Feminized. I planted 4 plants outside before summer. Three sprouted seeds. I figure there must of been a light leak that caused this.

I’m currently growing three Ck Feminized inside in a grow tent (dark, no light leaks) that are in their 4th week of flower and I believe they are starting to do the same. There are “balls” with two hairs coming out. See images. Is this the beginning stage of hermie?


@Johnjohn074 there’s a pistil coming out of that. It looks like a node calyx to me.

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Thanks bro. So if it was pollinated, is this the same area where seeds would develop?

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@Johnjohn074 if seeds were developing the bract would swell. If you want to check for seeds you can squeeze the bract (calyx) and if it’s still soft you’re OK. If it’s hard squeeze it firmer and see if a seed pops out.

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